RCC Construction

That was first ever attempting to build using reinforced cement concrete in modern history was when Mr. Francois Coignet, a French industrialist built a four-storey house in Paris with reinforced cement concrete in 1853. Since then the technology has evolved with one of highest buildings in the world being built using RCC. Reinforced Cement Concrete is a composite material with excellent strength and durability characteristics. Like clay concrete could be moulded into any shape, of any scale by using suitable moulds (or form works as they are called). Concrete could be made anywhere by mixing its constituents in suitable proportion. It slowly develops the strength over a reasonable period of time, just sufficient to facilitate onsite operations. This portable nature of concrete along with the strength it develops is the key to its popularity.

Concrete on its own has got excellent strength when pressed against anything. However on pulling (or applying tensile forces) it easily gives way.

Steel rounds (with suitable embossing to facilitate bonding with concrete) are deterministically embedded in concrete to impart desired strength. Beauty of steel rebars is that they can take both tensile as well as compressive loads. In RCC columns you would find steel rebars carrying bulk of compressive loads. Steel & concrete have got similar temperature coefficients, making them expand/contract together and help the bonding.

Following are critical parameters to judge any rebar:

  • Consistency of physical properties across the rebar length
  • Better ductility
  • Lower impurities
  • Easy to work with (during fabrication)
  • Bond with concrete

Any material used for reinforcing concrete is expected to have consistent properties of tensile strength and yield strength across the full length.

SK Super TMT rebars are manufactured in world’s best computerized rolling mills. Every parameter is continuously monitored to give you best quality products. Superior ductility rebars are better to work with on site, easy to bend and cut. Once used in structure, they also help absorb the energy through plastic deformation once the applied load is beyond the elastic zone. Such a feature helps during earthquake by preventing any brittle failure.

SK Super TMT rebars are made from steel made from virgin iron ore. Hence these are free from impurities. Further during manufacturing the steel is purified using best of intermediary processes. Lower impurity content gives it uniform properties across the length.