Technical Advantage

SK Super TMT Advantage

SK Super TMT Technical Advantage

Chemical Properties

SK Super TMT bars are produced from Fe 500 & Fe 500D IS: 1786 grade billets, with carbon levels maintained much lower than the ISI specification which results in excellent ductility, high bendability, better corrosion resistance and superior weldability. The other undesirable impurities like Sulphur and Phosphorus that impairs the overall longevity of TMT bars are also maintained at a much lower level than ISI specifications.

Constituent Fe500 Fe500D Fe550 Fe550D Fe600
Carbon 0.3 0.25 0.3 0.25 0.3
Sulphur 0.055 0.04 0.055 0.04 0.04
Phosphorus 0.055 0.04 0.05 0.04 0.04
Sulphur + Phosphorus 0.105 0.075 0.1 0.075 0.075

Mechanical Properties

SK Super TMT Bar's unique manufacturing processes create a combination of strength and ductility that exceeds the minimum limit specified in the standard IS: 1786 certification. In terms of yield strength of SK Super TMT Bar, though the standard specifies a minimum of 500 N/mm2 for Fe500 grade, we produce at 540 N/mm2 as minimum. Also the typical value of ductility measured by elongation for our product is 18% minimum, against the standard value of 12%. This gives superior values of strength and ductility to our products. UTS / YS ratio and percentage of elongation reflect the ability to handle the pressure of earth quake; higher the value, better the ability.

Property Fe500 Fe500D Fe550 Fe550D Fe600
0.2 percent proof stress/yield stress, Min, N/mm2 500 500 550 550 600
TS/YS ratio 1), N/mm2 ≥1.08, but TS not less than 545.0 N/mm2 ≥1.10, but TS not less than 565.0 N/mm2 ≥1.06, but TS not less than 585 N/mm2 ≥1.08, but TS not less than 600.0 N/mm2 ≥1.06, but TS not less than 660 N/mm2
Elongation, percent, min. on guage length 5.65 √A, where A is the cross-sectional area of the test piece 12 16 10 14.5 10
Total elongation at maximum force, percent, Min, on gauge length 4.65√A, where A is the cross-sectional area of the test piece (see 3.9)2) - 5 - 5 -

Product Specification

>SK Super TMT Bars are available in the following sizes:

Size Minimum Maximum
8mm 0.367 0.38
10mm 0.574 0.59
12mm 0.844 0.865
16mm 1.499 1.54
20mm 2.392 2.43
25mm 3.738 3.91
28mm 4.685 4.895
32mm 6.121 6.35

Right Certification

>SK Super TMT bars are manufactured in a highly efficient and controlled unit. They are not only ISI certified, but also certified by reputed NABL Accredited third party certification agencies. This makes SK Super TMT bars highly recommended and in demand throughout the region.