Advantages of SK Super TMT Bars:

Manufactured only from pure ISI grade billets:

SK Super TMT bars are manufactured from pure ISI grade steel billets and NOT scrap steel; this gives our premium product reliability, efficiency and stability. We maintain ISI standard to produce strong and durable TMT bars that can withstand not just all weather, but time.

bGerman Technology

Adding quality to your life is what SK Super TMT strives for. We use cutting-edge German Technology to manufacture TMT bars with high yield strength that can sustain for generations.

Uniform diameter throughout the bars:

SK Super TMT bars are manufactured with utmost care and consideration. Delivering quality to consumers is our primary concern but we also make sure we deliver quantity as promised. Every SK Super TMT bar is uniform in diameter from top to bottom, which means there is no cheating. With us, you get exactly what you ordered for.

Stringent quality check:

Every single SK Super TMT bar out in the market has passed a comprehensive quality check at every stage of production. Our state-of-the-art lab ensures no inadequacies get past our highly competent technicians, resulting in a high-quality, high-performance product.

X-core Ribs ensure better steel-cement bonding:

SK Super TMT bars are steel reinforcing bars because they are manufactured with X-core ribs on the surface of the bars. These X-core ribs ensure TMT bars can take power from outside and hold it together. SK Super TMT bars are a good choice for heavy-duty and high building structure because their ribbed formation provides excellent steel-cement bonding.  

Every bar of Precise Length and Diameter:

SK Super TMT bars ensure you don’t pay more and buy less or use excess steel in construction. Measure each of our TMT bars for diameter and length, you will find that every bar passes the test with exact weight stated. 

Trimmed Edges & Uniform Length reduces wastage:

SK Super TMT bars are manufactured with trimmed edges and to exact length. This means you buy steel bars ready for construction, to exact specifications, avoiding wastage and saving labour time at the construction site. 

Corrosion Resistance:

Impurities in steel bars can cause corrosion. SK Super TMT bars are compactly manufactured leaving no room for external chemical components to react with internal components. It also goes through 4 stage endurance process before making it to the sales batch. Endurance is the result of a real-time chemical analysis and elimination of impurities which makes our bars corrosion resistant. 

Earthquake Resistance:

SK Super TMT bars are manufactured with perfect chemical composition, giving it a high degree of tensile strength, flexibility, plasticity and ductility. Our bars are less susceptible to extensive force and do not give away easily. This makes SK Super TMT bars earthquake resistant.

Right Certification:

SK Super TMT bars are manufactured in highly efficient and controlled unit. Our bars are not just ISI certified product; we also get them certified by other reputed 3rd party certification agencies. Our TMT bars come highly recommended.

Dedicated Service:

SK Super TMT has a dedicated distribution facility that delivers TMT bars to your construction site in consolidated loads, taking all your transportation worries away.

Consumer Delight:

SK Super TMT has a dedicated customer helpline, where courteous agents are happy to help people reaching out through telephone looking for remote assistance. Customers will be guided on any issue related to our product.